Egbe Omo Yoruba

of Greater Miami Valley 

Dayton, Ohio

About the Organization

Mission Statement:


The mission of the EGBE OMO YORUBA OF GREATER MIAMI VALLEY is to promote and celebrate our socio-cultural heritage, community involvement, economics (patronizing members businesses, job leads etc), and health education.


The EGBE OMO YORUBA OF GREATER MIAMI VALLEY shall promote public enlightenment on issues concerning Nigeria.





1.      Promote sound advancement and intellectual welfare of the members and their families.     

2.      Promote a positive image of Nigeria in the community.

3.      Promote and support activities that would enhance Nigerian Public health.


1.     Organize a united and active body of Yorubas in the Greater Miami Valley.

2.     Mentor and prepare younger Yorubas and/or their families to under­stand the Yoruba cultural heritage.

3.     Respond to issues raised in the mass media that affect Nigeria in a responsible and educational


4.    Promote philanthropic community involvement of members.       

5.    Serve as a catalyst for economic awareness and growth of the community and our members.